Enhancing Local Economy

  • Supports the economic growth of Charleston’s budding tech corridor and entrepreneurship community by educating the future workforce needed by large and small technology firms.

  • Addresses Charleston’s technology and entrepreneurship education gap by providing Charleston residents with access to free technology classes taught by industry experts who are employed by Charleston-based firms.

Teaching Valuable Skills

  • Security, technology, and entrepreneurial skills are valuable to any career field

  • Professionals with years of cybersecurity experience teach thoughtfully crafted courses.

  • Even if a career in cybersecurity is not your end goal, these practices and information will translate into countless jobs and careers.

Making Cyber Security Accessible

  • Many schools have interest in offering cyber security programs, but these initiatives are often thwarted for lack of teachers who are trained to teach cyber security, and restrictions schools place on allowing students to practice these skills on school-sponsored networks and equipment.

  • These shortcomings result in students not gaining skill sets required by entry-level employers, making it challenging for students to secure technology jobs and employers to find quality talent.

  • We change that by providing students a safe place to practice cyber security skills and the teachers and mentors from professional cyber security backgrounds

Bridging the Digital Divide

  • Our goal is to make security and tech education accessible to anyone, no matter where they live or what the circumstances. No laptop? No problem.

  • Because our courses and services are free of charge, it is easy for anyone to learn and enhance their career

  • Because of your donations, people who cannot afford the technology also have a chance to learn

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