Cyber Core Curriculum (C3)

Introductory Security Course by NodeSC


Educating Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Workforce

  • Non-profit founded and managed by former NSA hackers

  • Started by Soteria, LLC as a solution to its security talent shortage

  • Goal of cyber security education, training, and mentorship of students of all ages

  • Courses developed by former NSA and DoD hackers


Finding security talent is a problem of global-scale.

Unfilled cyber security jobs in SC today
Cyber security jobs available worldwide


C3 increases security knowledge by 855%

A C3 pilot program launched during Summer 2016. Four high school students took the course. According to their pre and post-course assessment, there was an 855% improvement.


Developed by hackers.

8-week course

Developed by former NSA hackers with students in mind

Thoughtfully created courses developed and taught by cyber security experts.

Hands-On Instruction

Hands-on, practical experience to high school and undergraduate students

144 Hours

Classroom Lecture: 48 hours

Hands-On Lab: 96 hours

Variety of Topics

Students will learn a variety of information related to cyber security

Topics covered:

  • Networking
  • Windows Internals
  • Unix/Linux Internals
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Applied cyber security principles


C3 graduates stay engaged in security

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